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Terms & conditions

GadgetValuer.com is a gadget trade in price comparison website operated by Townside Limited.
The pricing information we display on GadgetValuer.com is provided to us by recycling programs – although we try to keep pricing up-to-date, sometimes the information provided to us is wrong. This means that you may see a different price listed on GadgetValuer.com and the site you click through to when you trade in your electronics. Gadget Valuer apologises for any pricing errors you see.
What is a gadget trade in price comparison website?
GadgetValuer.com gathers data from recycling program sources and present them to you in a table. This means consumers can compare top trade in values being offered for old gadgets.
Responsibility policy
No transactions take place on GadgetValuer.com – we simply display pricing. We cannot accept responsibility for issues with independent recycling programs, for example lost phones, customer service issues and payment issues. Please contact the recycling program directly to resolve your issues.
Privacy and cookie policy
The team at Gadget Valuer do everything possible to protect your personal information. Read out privacy and cookie policy right here.
GadgetValuer.com is operated by Townside Limited.
Competitions policy
By entering competitions run by GadgetValuer.com, you agree to the following:

  • Competitions are open to UK & US residents only
  • To receive a confirmation email of your entry to the competition
  • Find the closing date of the competition in the confirmation email
  • No purchase acts as further entry to a Gadget Valuer competition
  • Prize winners will be contactable by email – you have 7 working days to reply before a new winner is drawn
  • There is no cash alternative to a Gadget Valuer prize
  • Gadget Valuer has the right to change these terms and conditions

Email policy
By submitting your email address to GadgetValuer.com, you agree to be added to our mailing list. You will receive emails containing updates about your current device, recycler review requests and you’ll be added to our newsletter email list.
You can remove yourself from the Gadget Valuer mailing list at any time by heading to the bottom of an email and clicking ‘unsubscribe’.
Each time you sell electronics with us you will be added to our mailing list.
Copyright policy
This website and the content on here is copyright of GadgetValuer.com – © Townside Limited 2015. All rights reserved. Reproduction of the contents in any form is prohibited unless:

  • You are printing or downloading for personal and non-commercial use
  • You are copying content to third parties from personal use, only if you acknowledge GadgetValuer.com as the information source

The content on GadgetValuer.com cannot be used for commercial use – it must not be stored or reproduced for another website in any form. If you copy content from GadgetValuer.com, in an unauthorised manner, you agree to pay Townside Limited £25,000 / $37,270.
GadgetValuer.com is protected by Copyscape. We will protect our business against DCMA Infringement.
When customers complete a verified sale through Gadget Valuer’s direct order system, they are classed as ‘quoted users’. Data and statistics reflect prices quotes by recycling programs. Independent recyclers may change these values in their data feeds.
Experts at Gadget Valuer advise customers to be upfront about the condition of their device. If the gadget has cosmetic wear, check the individual terms & conditions and reviews of each recycling program to expected condition grades for valuation.