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4.00 / 5.00
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4.00 / 5.00
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4.00 / 5.00
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4.00 / 5.00

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Read more about the buy back process in our very own CrocoCell review below! You’ll soon see that CrocoCell offers great buy back prices for a range of gadgets and electronics. Search for your device below and start comparing top values today!

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Why Use CrocoCell

Before CrocoCell there was MobileRachat – MobileRachat is a leader in cell phone recycling in Europe, which recycles over 100,000 phones each year! With that in mind, we believe that CrocoCell is a well-developed and trustworthy company. Read more in our CrocoCell review below!

Key Benefits

  • Well priced devices

  • Free shipping label

  • Buy other devices

  • Get an extra $10 to spend in the Croco Shop

  • Bulk Buys

CrocoCell offer a lot of extras that other recyclers don’t. They also have good prices and lots of devices. You will find prices for Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG devices, as well as so much more. So really there’s not much to fault when it comes to selling with CrocoCell. Sell your cell phone with CrocoCell today!

Our Croco Cell Review

It’s very easy to sell your device on CrocoCell, mainly because their website is user-friendly and modern. Their name and logo is also very memorable – with their good pricing and wide range of devices, they’ll have you coming back time after time, especially when you look at the other great CrocoCell reviews online!

How it works

  1. Find the cash value of your device on

  2. Print off your free USPS shipping label.

  3. Get paid fast (within 48 hours!)

CrocoCell Payment Options

  • Pay by ACH payment, check, PayPal, CrocoCell gift certificate.

  • Payment received within 48 hours.

  • Free UPS shipping label.

Selling Cell Phones With Crococell

Crococell runs on some great values. The company believe that if you send your phone in promptly, you deserve to get paid in a timely manner – which means you’ll never be waiting long to receive your payment. They say you can even get paid within 24 hours if you decide to sell your phone for one of their Crococell shop gift certificates. And don’t worry – your data is totally confidential so that you have a secure selling experience.
One of the best things about selling cell phones to Crococell is their environmental focus too! They guarantee that your old cell phone will be refurbished so that it can go on and be sold through their shop, or sent to a developing country to improve communication for those who need it most! This is vitally important information when it comes to choosing who to sell your cell phone too – with so many phones ending up in landfill these days, it’s great to work with companies who guarantee they’ll recycle responsibly.
Crococell truly are a good choice when you choose to sell used cell phones. Happy selling!