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Overall Rating

4.00 / 5.00
Buy Back Pricing
4.00 / 5.00
Payment Speed
4.00 / 5.00
Customer Satisfaction
4.00 / 5.00

Cellular Returns Services

  • PayPal Payments
  • Check Payments
  • FREE Shipping

Contact details

  • 855-301-7355
  • customersupport@cellularreturns.com
  • Online help center

Compare Cellular Returns’ Buy Back Offers

Read more about the buy back process in our very own Cellular Returns review below! You’ll soon see that Cellular Returns offers great buy back prices for a range of gadgets and electronics. Search for your device below and start comparing top values today!

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Why Use Cellular Returns

The guys at Cellular Returns have a lot of experience in the mobile industry – over 18 years to be exact! Their limited company, N.Y.Cellular & Accessories, Corp was established in 2006, since then they have purchased thousands of new and used phones. Read more about the company in our Cellular Returns review below.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive prices on all devices

  • Good prices for broken devices

  • Track your order

  • Bulk orders

  • 9/10 on resellerratings.com

Our only issue with Cellular Returns is that they don’t offer prices for tablets other than iPads. We know that there is high demand for tablets to be recycled, and feel they could really gain from having other tablets on their site! Other than that, when it comes to the consumer Cellular Returns can certainly help you get cash for electronics.

Our CellularReturns review

In the US Cellular Returns prices are competitive with other recyclers on our site, which is always a sign of a good recycler. They also offer prices for damaged phones and phones with broken glass, and these prices are very good. So you really have no excuse not to recycle your device with CellularReturns!

How it works

  1. Select your device and print off your free pre-paid shipping label.

  2. Pack up your device and send it to Cellular Returns.

  3. Get cash within 1-2 business days.

Cellular Returns Payment Options

  • Pay by check or PayPal.

  • Payment received within 1-2 business days.

  • Free shipping label.