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Sell My Smart Watch For Cash

So you want to know “how much can I get for my smartwatch?” Well Gadget Valuer can show you the answer in an instant. Use our search tool to find your smart device and compare smart watch trade in prices from US buyers who want to pay you to take it off your hands – or wrist!

You now have the ability to get as much cash for smartwatches as possible, by comparing all the prices on offer in one place! Whether you’re trying to sell broken smart watch models or selling used smartwatches for cash towards a tech upgrade, we’ll help you to find the right price!

With so many smartwatch trade in programs out there, how do you know which one to pick? We’re here to help. Gadget Valuer quickly shows you which programs will offer you the most money for your old smartwatch – click on your device below and find where to sell your smart watch today!

Which model of smartwatch do I have?The back of your watch should tell you the make – it should also have a number to help you identify it too.

How to sell your smartwatch

Want to know more about how to sell old smartwatch models? Just follow these 3 steps!

1. Compare prices!

Compare the top smartwatch trade in programs out there and see top prices to sell your old smartwatch.

2. Ship it off

The sooner you ship your device, the sooner you’ll get paid – make the most of FREE shipping from the recyclers too.

3. Get paid fast!

As soon as the recycler has checked that your smart watch is in good condition, you’ll get paid however you’ve chosen!

How much is a smart watch worth?

“It’s time to sell my smartwatch” you say? It won’t take you long walk away with pockets full of cash. Check out more information on smart watch buy back programs below, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Smartwatch buy back programs

With smart wearables being so new, deciding where to sell smartwatch models might seem like a bit of an alien area – but Gadget Valuer has been on top of it since the start. We’ve researched the top US smartwatch recycling programs so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is compare them to see which one can offer you the most cash for smart watch models you no longer need.
You’ve probably noticed that not all known buyers did smartwatch trade-ins at first – with Amazon buy back and others taking their time to catch up with the fast moving tech market – but luckily there are others that can help.
To get started, click on your smartwatch model above to see live trade in prices. When you’ve decided on the offer that’s right for you, simply enter your details and follow the process to sell your smartwatch!

Trade in smart watch for cash

Maybe you’re selling your smartwatch to upgrade to the latest model, or maybe you’ve decided they’re just not for you – whatever the reason, we’ll make sure you get top cash for it.
If you’re trying to sell broken smartwatch models then check the terms and conditions of each recycling program to see how much money they’ll offer you for a broken device. Unfortunately, this could be considerably less than if you sell a used smartwatch in a good, working condition. For this reason, when you sell your smart watch, it might be worth getting a broken version fixed before you finish the smartwatch trade in process – as you might get more money in the long run.
Selling old smartwatch models is easy when you think about it – simply compare prices, make sure you device is in great condition and send it off to be checked. You’ll have your well-earned cash in no time!

What else is on offer?

Do you have other gadgets which could earn you cash? Check out our other recycling services below and get cash for old tech today!

Sell broken smartwatches

You can sell broken smartwatches easily using our comparison service – check out top broken smart watch trade in prices here.

Sell broken devices

Set a sale reminder

Need to sell your smartwatch in a couple of months’ time? Set a sale reminder – don’t miss out on cash for old smart watches.

Help & support

We’ve got all the answers you need to those important smartwatch trade in questions. Check out our FAQs or get in touch!

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