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Sell My Kindle – Trade in Online

How much is a Kindle worth? You’ve come to the right place to find out. Gadget Valuer can not only help you to sell broken kindle tablets for cash – it provides you with a broken, new and used Kindle price too, so that you can figure out exactly how to get the most money towards your next upgrade.

The need to sell Amazon Kindle tablets has grown and grown since the devices were first launched, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to discover new Kindle trade-in options. Take a look at our list of recyclers and prices to see where to sell Kindle tablets for more.

Find out how to sell Kindle tablets by clicking on your eBook reader model below. You’ll then be able to compare top prices by telling us a bit more about your device – we’ll instantly show you the best values, from the top Kindle trade in programs out there, so you can decide where to sell Kindle tablets for the most cash.

Which Kindle model do I have?Find your Kindle’s serial number under ‘Device Info’ in ‘Settings’ – the first four digits in this long number identify your model. Any starting with D01E or D026 are a Kindle Fire.

How to sell your Kindle

Want to know how to sell Kindle eBook readers or tablets? We’ve got you covered in 3 simple steps.

1. Find your Kindle value

Use our search to see top prices from leading Kindle buy back programs and start the sell Kindle process!

2. FREE shipping

Ship your Kindle for FREE to your chosen program using the pre-paid label or shipping kit.

3. Get cash FAST

Get paid by check, PayPal, gift card or donate to charity depending on which program you’ve chosen.

How much is a Kindle worth?

So you’ve decided ‘I want to sell my Kindle!’ but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve put together the following information on how to sell a Kindle so that you’ve got peace of mind when trading in your gadgets.

Introduction to Kindle buy back programs

So you bought your tablet from Amazon or Best Buy, but that doesn’t mean these are the only Kindle buy back options out there.
Despite the Kindle trade in program Best Buy offer being one of the easy options – there are other Amazon Kindle trade in schemes, run by a variety of recyclers, all of which offer you different sums of money when you sell a Kindle.
Consumers can now sell back Kindle tablets based on which recycler offers the most money, giving you the option to do a little more research when you decide ‘time to sell my Kindle’, to ensure you get the most cash.
The Kindle value you’re offered will be based on a few factors such as the condition of your device, and which model you’re selling. Read the terms and conditions with each recycler to see what counts as ‘good’ condition with each program.

How to sell Kindle tablets for cash

So you’ve decided on selling an Amazon Kindle eBook reader – what do you need to do next? Whether you’re planning to trade in old Kindles for new or trying to sell broken Kindle models for cash, you need to make sure you get the top price for your old tablet.
How do you do that? By comparing leading pricing from top US recycling programs – that’s how. Using Gadget Valuer you can find your used Kindle model, tell us what condition it’s in and we’ll show you exactly how much each of the top US recyclers is willing to pay for it.
All that’s left for you to do is send your Kindle off to the recycling program – you’ll even receive a FREE shipping label or kit depending on which recycler you choose. As soon as you sell back Kindle tablets to the recycler, send it off and they’ve checked it, you’ll get paid however you’ve chosen – by check, PayPal, gift card or even charity donation.

What else is on offer?

Selling Kindle tablets isn’t your only option with Gadget Valuer, maybe you’re thinking ‘I want to sell my Kindle tablet, Galaxy phone and more!’ Check out these other trade in program services and see how else you can make cash from your old gadgets.

Sell broken Kindles

You can sell broken Kindle tablets easily using our comparison service – check out top broken Kindle trade in prices here.

Sell broken devices

Set a sale reminder

Need to sell your Kindle eReader in a couple of months’ time? Set a sale reminder – don’t miss out on cash for old Kindles.

Help & support

We’ve got all the answers you need to those important Kindle trade in questions. Check out our FAQs or get in touch!

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