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Sell My HTC One Phone For Cash

Want to sell your HTC phone for cash online? Gadget Valuer can help you get top values for your old device! Find yours from the list below and click on it to see the top HTC trade in prices offered from leading US recyclers. It’s never been so easy!

Trying to sell your HTC? Just click on the right model below to instantly see the top HTC trade in values on the market from trusted US buy back schemes! You can get quick cash for old HTC phones by comparing prices with Gadget Valuer today – sell broken HTC phones too!

Which HTC model do I have?To find the make of your HTC model, simply look under the battery in your phone. Alternatively, you can head to the ‘Settings’ menu, then click on ‘About device’ for more information.

How to sell your HTC

Need to know more about how to sell HTC cell phones? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Get top HTC values

Use Gadget Valuer’s search to find top HTC trade in prices!

2. Get it shipped

Recyclers listed on our site will send you a FREE postage sticker or kit so you don’t pay a penny there.

3. Get quick cash!

As soon as the recycling program has checked your HTC, they’ll send your payment how you choose – PayPal, gift card, check or even charity donation.

What else is on offer?

So you’ve decided to sell your HTC – can we help with something else? See what else we have to offer here.

Sell broken devices

You can sell broken phones through Gadget Valuer, simply tell us more about your gadget’s condition for an accurate quote – find out more information here.

Sell broken devices

Set a sale reminder

Not ready to sell your phone just yet? We can remind you later! Simply click on the button below and tell us your ideal reminder date – we’ll make sure you don’t forget.

Help & support

Want to know more about the electronics trade in process? Head to our Support Center for answers to commonly asked questions, or get in touch for more help!

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