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Sell My Cell Phone & Trade in Comparison

Ever wondered, ‘how much is my phone worth?’ You’re not the first person to ask that question, but Gadget Valuer makes it easier than ever to find out, and simpler than ever to actually sell used cell phones.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell broken phones, or just get cash for cell phones past – we can show you the top prices on offer from the very best US recycling programs, so you have the best idea of potential money for cell phones you’ve had enough of. Gadget Valuer can find you Samsung phone trade in prices, options to sell your iPhone and so much more.

So, you’re thinking ‘I’m ready to sell my cell phone!’ You’ve come to the right place. Click on the recycling cell phones options below by selecting which brand you have. You then tell us a bit more about the used cell phone you’re selling and trade in cell phone models with the US recycling program which offers you the most money!

Which cell phone brand do I have?Your cell phone brand should be printed on the front or back of your device, but if you still don’t know then head to ‘Settings’ then ‘About’ and the brand will be stated there.

How to sell used cell phones

Want to know how to sell a cell phone? We’ve got you covered – just follow the 3 simples steps below.

1. Find top prices

Check out great cell phone trade in values on offer from US recycling programs.

2. Ship it to the recycler

Use the pre-paid shipping label or pack when shipping your phone off to your chosen recycler.

3. Get your cash!

As soon as the program has your phone and has checked it, get paid via PayPal, check, gift card or charity donation depending which you prefer.

How much my phone worth?

It’s time! You’ve said “time to sell my cell phone” and started the smartphone trade in process. But how do you get the most money for your used cell phones? Gadget Valuer can help you get the best price possible when you sell your cell phone – so stick with us and we’ll give you all the answers you need to the following questions.

Cell phone trade in programs

With so many cell phone buy back schemes out there, how do you know where to sell your cell phone for the most cash online? Sure – Amazon phone trade in programs, the best buy Sell Back and Gamestop phone trade in initiatives are some of the most well-known – but by using a comparison site like Gadget Valuer, you can compare prices so that you know you’re getting the best value out there.
We compare prices from leading US recycling programs, so that you have a transparent view of exactly who can offer you the most cash for your old phone. Using our site you’ll see that sometimes routes which seem easy, like the option to sell iPhone back to Apple idea, don’t always get you the most cash!
You should always compare prices and US recycling programs before you sell old cell phones.


Selling cell phones for more

“I’m going to sell my cell phone to upgrade to the latest device!” Sounds like a great plan to us. There are ways you can ensure you get top cash for selling cell phones, simply pay attention to these points.
You’ll often find that the condition of your used cell phone, the network carrier you’re with and the storage size when sell your old phone can impact on pricing. Of course, you can’t control all of these factors, but do make sure you device is in top condition when you sell your cell phone – you’ll get the most cash for cell phones if you do this.
So now you know how, it’s time to start comparing money for cell phones! You can get top cash from US recycling programs to upgrade to a new phone. We even show you broken phone prices too – every little helps!

What else is on offer?

So you’ve decide to sell cell phone models, but is there more we can help with? You can get cash for other gadgets by making the most of our other trade in program comparison services right here.

Sell broken cell phones

You can sell broken phones easily using our comparison service – check out top broken phone trade in prices here.

Sell broken devices

Set a sale reminder

Need to sell your cell phone in a couple of months’ time? Set a sale reminder – don’t miss out on cash for your phone.

Help & support

We’ve got all the answers you need to those important phone trade in questions. Check out our FAQs or get in touch!

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