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Sell broken tablets for cash

Believe it or not, you can still sell broken tablets or broken iPads for cash! The trick is knowing how and when to do it. Don’t fear, we have a comprehensive broken tablet guide with all the things you need to know to cash in!

Where to sell broken tablets

Recyclers buy tablets and iPads from you for money, and either sell them on abroad or elsewhere. You can find all these recyclers in one place on online comparison sites like GadgetValuer, where you can find out who offers the most cash for a broken device.
Different companies have different definitions of what a broken tablet/ broken ipad is, but in general they will be looking for the following:

  • Does your tablet power up?

  • Is the screen working?

  • Is it water damaged?

  • Do the speakers and microphone work?

Sell my broken iPadSell my broken tablet

You could earn more by repairing first

Conditions for selling broken tablets

Broken tablet conditions:

Most recycling places buy broken tablets and iPads, but it must still turn on with a working battery to ensure you get any money for it. The overall condition of the tablet will affect how much money you get for it. Your tablet counts as broken if:

  • Power problems: if your broken tablet does not power up or charge
  • Broken screen on tablet/ ipad: if you have a cracked screen your tablet can still be sold
  • Cracked tablet frame: if the rear frame or glass is smashed, cracked or bent
  • Broken buttons: if buttons on your tablet or iPad are broken or missing
  • Tablet software issues: if broken software impacts the functionality of the iPad or tablet
  • Tablet hardware issues: a broken microphone, speaker or charging and headphone port

Sell my broken iPadSell my broken tablet

Tablets you can’t sell

Is my tablet too broken to sell?

If your broken tablet or iPad is too damaged, recycling programmes may not buy it back. It’s worth knowing so that you won’t be disappointed when you send it off and a recycler rejects it! Check the following things

  • Water damage: iPads or tablets which are water damage can’t be sold
  • Fake devices: tablets which are fake replicas can’t be processed
  • Tablet snapped in two: if the tablet or iPad is snapped in two, it won’t get any money!

If your device is broken beyond value, you can still send it in to recyclers to be recycled responsibly and do your bit for the environment.

Best way to sell your tablet

Fix or sell broken?

Fixing your tablet or iPad can actually mean you get more money for it when you sell it, so it is something to consider.
A broken iPad Air 2 will bag you around $80, whereas an average condition iPad Air 2 device could get you $225. When the cost to fix your device could be as little as $49, it is worth weighing up your options.

Selling tablet or iPad online: some tips

  • Some recyclers offer larger sums of money, but alter the quote when they have received the broken tablet/ iPad depending on the damage, the best thing to do is be fully honest about what condition it is in from step one. You can usually choose to accept or decline the altered amount.
  • You get less cash for a broken tablet or iPad if it is an older model. Always sell as soon as you can.