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Sell broken phones

To ensure you get accurate quotes when you sell broken phones for cash, it’s important to give recycling programs an accurate condition rating of that broken phone. Each has different definitions of what ‘working’ and ‘non-working’ is, but here’s a general guide.

Here are the 4 key checks to see what condition your cell phone device is in – for more information read on below:

  • Does your phone power up?

  • Is the screen working?

  • Is your phone water damaged?

  • Do the speakers and microphone work?

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You could earn more by repairing first

*Price sample taken on 30/03/2015 for an iPhone 6

Conditions for selling broken phones

Broken cell phone conditions:

When you sell phones for cash, your device is considered broken if it has functional problems which stop it from working properly – but you can still sell it. Recycling programs will consider you have a broken cell phone or ‘non-working’ phone if any of these conditions apply to your gadgets:

  • Power problems: Your broken phone does not power up or charge.
  • Cracked phone display: If you have a cracked or broken screen you can still sell your cell.
  • Cracked phone frame: If the rear frame or glass is smashed, cracked or bent.
  • Broken buttons: You have a broken phone if buttons are missing or no longer working.
  • Network problems: Failed test calls or issues with Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS.
  • Software issues: Any issues which prevent full phone functionality.
  • Hardware issues: Broken cell phone problems including issues with microphones, speakers and charging and headphone ports.

Decided ‘I want to sell my broken phone’ anyway? You can still get cash for broken phones – but if yours is beyond repair or value, send it to us and we’ll recycle it responsibly for free!
Just be warned: some recyclers could offer larger sums of money but then alter the quote depending on the damage – even after you have sent off your phone.
Sell my broken phone


Cell phones you can’t sell

Cell phones they won’t buy back

Although recycling buy back programs will allow you to sell broken phones, they won’t accept gadgets which are ‘faulty’ because they’re too damaged. In general, you’ll find that you can’t sell broken cell phone models if they have any of the following issues:

  • Blacklisted IMEI number: All gadgets are put through IMEI checks to see if they’re flagged as lost or stolen. If it fails this check it can’t be recycled.
  • Network barring issues: Recyclers cannot process network barred phones.
  • Water damage: You can’t sell broken cell phone models which have been water damaged.
  • Fake devices: Fake phone replicas cannot be processed.
  • Snapped in two: Unsurprisingly, phones which have been snapped in half cannot be recycled.
  • If your device is broken beyond any value, unfixable, you can still send it to us for free and we’ll recycle it responsibly.

You can’t sell broken phones in this condition because they are deemed ‘beyond economical repair’ or illegal! If your phone doesn’t have these issues then check the ‘broken’ and ‘minor cosmetic damage’ sections.

Conditions for minor cosmetic damage

Good condition

When you sell your scratched phone, it’s in ‘good condition’ when fully functional with slight wear (no cracks!):

  • Phone works perfectly
  • It powers on
  • Can feature very minor, faint scratches or scuffs
  • No cracks or missing buttons

Sell my broken phone

Fair condition

Your broken phone may be in ‘fair condition’ if it’s fully functional with more moderate wear (no cracks!):

  • Phone work perfectly
  • It powers on
  • Features moderate damage e.g. deeper scratches, more scuffs
  • No cracks or missing buttons, buttons may have some wear

Sell my broken phone