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Sell your electronics for cash

Using Gadget Valuer you can compare trade in prices for a vast range of gadgets when finding where to sell used electronics for cash. Whether you’re trying to sell your phone, sell your iPod, trade in tablet models or clearing out other gadgets – we’ll help find the best place to sell your electronics. By clicking on the categories below, you can select the make and model of old electronics and instantly see trade in prices for your used devices. We help you compare the best programs offering top electronics trade in values so that you walk away with the most money possible.

Click on the categories below to get started or click remind me later and we’ll do just that!


Wondering “where can I sell my iPhone?” We’ll show you top Apple iPhone trade in programs – sell broken iPhone models too.

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Cell Phones

From Samsung phone trade-ins, to selling iPhones online – Gadget Valuer shows you top options when you sell cell phones.

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We list the top iPad buy back schemes with the best iPad recycle values on the market – compare prices and sell your iPad today!

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Tablet trade in prices vary for a number of reasons. Sell used tablets online today by comparing prices first and earn more.

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There are loads of options to sell Kindle tablets online, but choosing the right one is vital! Click here for top Amazon Kindle trade in prices.

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How much is my iPod worth? You’re in the right place to find out. Find the best place to sell your iPod here and sell broken iPod models too.

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Compare top Mac trade in prices from leading US recycling programs here. Sell your Mac for more with a proper view of the market.

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Apple iMacs

Need to sell your computer for cash? We can show you market-leading iMac trade in prices when you sell your iMac today!

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Games Consoles

Want to trade in Xbox 360 for Xbox One models? How about your PS3? Find top console trade in prices right here.

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Digital Cameras

Sell cameras online for cash with Gadget Valuer – we’ll compare the best trade in prices on the market when you sell old cameras.

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Smart Watches

Whether you’re upgrading to the latest version or a flagship smartphone, sell your smart watch for more starting here.

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Sell old electronics for cash

Thanks to Gadget Valuer, it’s easier than ever before to sell electronics for cash online. All you have to do is search for your device and click on it to see instant used electronics trade in prices. We review all of the recycling programs listed on the site so that you have a totally stress-free process when you recycle electronics for cash, and we’ve strived to make it as quick and simple for you as possible.

The electronics trade in process

We know that gadget and cell phone trade in programs can seem alien if you’ve never recycled a device before, but it’s actually incredibly simple. Professional buyers want to buy your gadgets so they can refurbish them and sell them on for a second life – but it’s about knowing where to look for these professional buyers in the first place when you sell old electronics.
That’s where Gadget Valuer comes in to help – we show you the top recycling programs out there within a few clicks, so you can compare top offers of cash for electronics. Once you’ve chosen the best buy back program for you, simply ship your device off to be checked. As soon as it’s checked, all of our recycling partners promise to pay you within 5-7 working days.
How can you sell used electronics for the most money? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you some trade secrets.

Getting more cash for electronics

There are a few different factors which can affect electronics trade in pricing – for example the make and model of your device, its condition, your network carrier and storage size – and you can’t control all of them.
You can control the condition of your used electronics though, and that’s a big deal. You’ll get more cash for electronics in good condition than you will for damaged or broken devices – so check with each program to see what counts as ‘damaged’ or ‘broken’ in their terms and conditions.
As well as this, when you sell used electronics we also recommend you consider getting your gadgets fixed. If you have a broken screen this can drastically reduce the electronics trade in offer you receive, so it may be worth getting this fixed if this results in more cash for electronics in the long run.

What else is on offer?

So you’ve decide to sell your electronics – but where do you even start? We’ve got a few options for you – make the most of our other trade in program services right here.

Sell broken electronics

You can sell broken phones easily using our comparison service – check out top broken phone trade in prices here.

Sell broken devices

Set a sale reminder

Need to sell your cell phone in a couple of months’ time? Set a sale reminder – don’t miss out on cash for old electronics.

Help & support

We’ve got all the answers you need to those important electronics trade in questions. Check out our FAQs or get in touch!

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