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Are you a gadget buyback program looking for a quality comparison service that drives higher conversions to your website? You’ve come to the right place. The team behind Gadget Valuer has processed thousands of orders, keeping both consumers and recycling programs happy with our trusted, transparent trade in comparison system.
We not only make it easy for you to join the site thanks to our flexible integration process, we’ll ensure that you have a constant overview of your performance with Gadget Valuer once you’re here too – offering Direct Order Placement, monthly analysis of click to conversion rates and order reports. Gadget Valuer even generates consumer reviews to enhance trust in your brand.

Why you should join Gadget Valuer

The expert integration team here at Gadget Valuer make it easier than ever to join our comparison service. Simply tell us a bit more about your site using our form and we’ll be in touch with the following to help you join:

  1. Step 1: Take on form

  2. Step 2: XML or CSV integration files

  3. Step 3: Personal account manager

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Examples of gadgets we list

Gadget Valuer believes in showing consumers all gadget trade in options, which means we list a huge range of gadgets in our trade in price comparison. See some of the categories below.




Cell phones






Amazon Kindles






Apple Desktops / iMacs


Games Consoles


Digital Cameras


Smart Watches

Your gadget not list here?

No problem, just let us know and we can list it!

Benefits of joining Gadget Valuer

We believe in a smooth gadget trade in experience for both consumers and the quality buyback programs we list. It’s for this reason that you can expect the following benefits when you become part of our comparison service.

Industry Experience

The expert team at Gadget Valuer has been in the gadget trade in industry since 2009, and uses these years of experience to offer a smoother comparison service than any other on the market.

In-depth analysis

Gadget Valuer offers you a monthly analysis of your performance on the site, including details on click to conversion rates and in-depth order reports.

Flexible integration

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved, which is why we offer a flexible integration process using CSV, XML, JSON or RSS. Just tell us which one works for you!

User reviews

We generate user reviews through Gadget Valuer so that consumers have the chance to tell us how great your buyback program is, in turn enhancing trust in your brand as a whole.

Direct Order Placement

Using Direct Order Placement we can offer guaranteed enhanced conversion rates, by reducing drop outs and allowing customers to get to your end goal as easily as possible.

Impartial comparison

When you join Gadget Valuer’s process, we guarantee that you’re working with a completely impartial, independent and trustworthy company that wants you to thrive.