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FAQ’s: Help Center

Whether this is your first, second or tenth time selling your gadgets, we know you might still have some questions. Experts at Gadget Valuer have put together answers to the most commonly asked questions below, so that you have total peace of mind when you sell used electronics. Just click on the questions in the section below to find the information you’re looking for.

Do you still need to know more?

You can get in touch with our friendly team using the ‘Contact us’ page – here you’ll also find key contact details for the recycling programs listed on our site.

How gadget & cell phone recycling works

How does Gadget Valuer work?

Gadget Valuer is a gadget trade in comparison site, which helps you to get cash for electronics you no longer use. It’s simple – find your gadget using the search bar at the top of the page, click on it and instantly see the values offered from leading US recycling programs. You’ll then send your gadget to your chosen program, who’ll give it a second life.

What happens to my electronics?

When you sell used electronics they could end up in a number of places, all depending on which recycling program you choose. Some recyclers will refurbish the phones and send them on to third world countries to improve communication, while others resell within the US and some take the phone apart so that working parts of the phone can be used to fix others!

What gadgets can I recycle with Gadget Valuer?

You can recycle a vast range of gadgets including cell phones, tablets, Kindles, old laptops and computers, games consoles, cameras and smartwatches with Gadget Valuer. Within just a few clicks you can do anything from selling iPhone models to finding the best place to trade in games consoles – get started today!

How many gadgets can I recycle at once?

When you sell your gadgets, the number you can sell at once depends on your chosen recycler – while some can accommodate up to 10 gadgets at a time, others will require you to process them as separate transactions. So, here at Gadget Valuer, we’ve tried to simplify things – check out our bulk selling tool.

Am I sending my gadgets to you?

In one word; no! Gadget Valuer is the comparison tool that shows you the top prices, you’re actually selling your phone or other electronics to the recycling program you’ve chosen. You should receive an email once you’ve completed the process with the recycling program’s details.

Is recycling my phone good for the environment?

Of course – that’s just one great reason to recycle electronics for cash! Phones and other gadgets contain toxic materials which can really damage the environment. By recycling your gadgets you’re ensuring that they don’t end up in landfill – in fact, they might even go on to have a second life! Check out our environment page here.

Why should I choose to recycle through Gadget Valuer?

Gadget Valuer is a trusted recycling comparison solution with years of experience in the trade in industry. This means we ensure that you get top cash for your old electronics – much more than you’d get by going directly to a recycler. We’ve also tried and tested the recyclers we list ourselves, so we know you can trust them too!

Selling through Gadget Valuer

How much is my old phone worth?

The amount of cash you get when you sell your phone depends on a number of factors including the make and model, the condition of your device, your network carrier and the memory size. Find your device using our search bar and tell us a bit more about your device to find how much your phone is worth.

How do I find out the model of my phone?

You should be able to find the make of your phone by looking at the front or back of your device, however you might need to do a little more digging to find the model. Take a look at the original packaging for more information on your device, or if you don’t have this then head to ‘About device’ in the actual ‘Settings’ menu of your phone.

I can’t find my device on Gadget Valuer, can I still sell it?

We list a whole range of phones and other electronics on Gadget Valuer, but we’re sure there are some rarer devices out there which we don’t have listed on the site. Never fear! Simply fill out on the form on our ‘Contact us’ page giving us a few details about your device and we might still be able to show you some pricing!

Can I sell my broken phone?

Trying to find somewhere to sell broken phones can seem daunting, but Gadget Valuer can instantly show you buyers who are willing to offer you cash for broken electronics. This is usually a lower price than you’d be offered for a gadget in full working condition, so it may be worth getting your device fixed if it results in more money in the long run. Check out our ‘Broken Phones’ page for more information.

Which condition do I choose when I sell my phone?

Your phone is in good condition if it powers on, is fully functional with all buttons and ports working and has no cracks or damage to the screen or body of the device. If it no longer turns on or has obvious damage, then your phone counts as ‘damaged’ or ‘broken’ with many recyclers. Check with each program during the process to see which condition your phone is in.

You’ve told me the phone is lost or stolen, what do I do?

All buyers process phones through an IMEI checker, to ensure the device isn’t filed as lost or stolen. If it is then the recyclers will not accept your device, they may even report it to the authorities. If this really is your device you need to deactivate it – the programs will give you more information on this process.

What do I do to my device before I ship it?

Before sending your device off you must disable all passwords, deactivate your device from wireless accounts (contact your network carrier) and wipe all data from your gadget (don’t forget to back up first!) You only need to send chargers or accessories if the recycler asks for them. See ‘Shipping your gadgets’ below for more info.

Shipping your gadgets

How do I unlock my phone?

You can disable all passwords by heading to the ‘Settings’ menu on all phones and tablets. If you’re selling iPhone models you’ll need to disable ‘Find my iPhone’ in the ‘Settings’ menu too. You can unlock your device by contacting the network carrier to deactivate your account on that phone.

How do I erase data on my phone or other gadget?

Firstly, before you erase data from your phone, be sure to back up your photos and any other important information. Be sure to remove all additional memory cards too.
To erase data on your Android phone head to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset.
On an iPhone head to Settings > General > Reset and you’ll find the option there.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Most recycling programs provide you with a FREE shipping label or package when you sell your phone or other gadgets to them, so that all you have to do is package your phone off and ship it off!

Where is my pre-paid shipping label/kit?

You’ll receive your free shipping label or kit by post within a 5-7 working days of making your order. Some programs will even email you a pre-paid, printable label so that you ship it straight away! Get in touch with your chosen program if you don’t receive your package within this timeframe.

Can I send more than one device in the same box?

This will depend on the recycling program you’ve chosen. Many, including Gazelle, allow you to do this as long as you clearly identify each device by labelling them with the relevant order numbers. Please pack carefully though – if your gadgets get damaged on their travels, you could receive a lower offer.

What do I need to send with my gadget?

You only need to send the device you’ve chosen to sell by itself – chargers or additional accessories are only required by the recycler if they specifically ask for them. Some programs may offer you more money if you include these, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of your chosen program.

Payment questions

What payment methods do you offer?

The recycling programs listed on this site offer payment methods including PayPal, check, gift card and charity donation (find out more about the charity donation option below). You’ll get cash fastest if you choose payment via PayPal as this is an instant online process.

What is PayPal and should I pick this payment method?

PayPal is a worldwide, trusted online payments system – it allows secure online money transfers between parties. Recycling programs can process these payments the same day they receive and check your device – so this is the quickest payment method.

How long does it take to get paid?

The majority of recycling programs will issue your payment the same day as they receive and check your device, if they’re happy that your gadget is in the condition you claimed it to be. Checks and gift cards can take up to 5-7 working days to reach you, but you can receive same day PayPal payments.

I’ve shipped my item, why haven’t I been paid yet?

Once your item has been received by the recycling program, you should get an email confirming your payment– if PayPal is your payment method you may see money appear the same working day, while checks and gift cards can take up to 7 days. If you haven’t received this email then the program may not have received your device yet – contact them if you feel it should have arrived.

How do I donate my gadget trade in money to charity?

Take a look at our ‘Donate’ page for more information on how to donate old phones and money for your old phone to charity. You’ll find a number of options and more information here.

Can I cancel my recycling order?

After you’ve placed your order, you have 30 working days to ship off your device. If you don’t ship it, you won’t get paid – it’s as simple as that. If you change your mind after shipping your device then you’ll need to contact the buyer if you don’t wish to proceed with the order.