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GadgetValuer: Our story

Welcome to Gadget Valuer! We’re your #1 trusted tool when it comes to comparing the top gadget trade in prices and programs on the market. We aim to get you the most cash for old electronics while making your recycling process as simple and stress-free as possible, and we’ve spent years working out how to give you the best user experience.
The team behind the scenes at Gadget Valuer have been in the global recycling comparison market since 2009 – providing transparent, independent comparisons for consumers around the world. Our directors actually have over 10 years’ experience in the cell phone industry too, now combining their passion and in-depth knowledge to simplify your trade in journey on a daily basis.
On our journey so far, we’ve helped millions to earn up to 43% more when selling gadgets. Our only hope is that we help you find the right place to get cash for your gadgets too, so you walk away with more money and a giant smile on your face!

Why people choose us

Our years of experience in the gadget trade in industry mean we’ve continued to refine the recycling process again and again. By comparing trade-in programs with us you can make the most of the following features.

We save you time

We don’t mess about! Search for your device and click on it to instantly see top trade in values being offered by leading US recycling programs.

Independent, impartial comparisons

The comparisons you see are based on the prices sent from the professional buyers – we provide you with a simple viewing platform to make an educated decision.

Earn 43% more cash

On average, by comparing prices with Gadget Valuer, you can earn up to 43% more when you sell your gadgets than if you went straight to a recycler.

Lock your price for 30 days

Seen a price that you like the look of? You can freeze that for up to 30 days if you’re waiting for your new phone to come out!

100% trusted process

Experts at Gadget Valuer have tried and tested the leading recycling programs, so we know you can trust them. Your gadget trade in process will be stress-free!

Secure gadget data wiping

Every single professional buyer listed on this site performs secure data removal from all gadgets sent into them, so there’s no danger of your personal data being sold on.

Our Team

The Gadget Valuer team was first created by a group of friends who’ve worked together in the cell phone industry for over a decade. Here are the faces that make up the close knit company.


Andrew Beckett


Ashley Turner


Tony Fox


Daniel Farmer


Harriet Fortune


Global recycling comparison since 2009

We launched our first gadget recycling trade in comparison site back in 2009 and we’ve never looked back. Find out more about our global business below.

Gadget Valuer (USA + UK)

Gadget Valuer is a global gadget recycling comparison solution which aims to simplify the electronics trade in process for consumers across the globe. Here you’ll find instant trade in pricing comparisons from top US and UK recycling programs.

Compare My Mobile (UK)

Launched in 2009, CompareMyMobile is a UK specific cell phone and gadget trade in comparison site that’s quoted users 68.4 million GBP/ 101.62 million USD. UK consumers have earned an extra 29.6 million GBP / 39.97 million USD by comparing trade in values from leading UK recyclers.

Our History

We’ve had a long history of successful ventures in the cell phone industry, from running successful UK cell phone trade in sites to launching our very own! Read more about Gadget Valuer’s achievements in our timeline below.


05/15/2009 - CompareMyMobile is launched!

Founding directors Ashley Turner, Andrew Beckett and Tony Fox launched CompareMyMobile in 2009 in a bid to create a totally ethical, impartial and independent recycling comparison service. The 3 friends wanted to use their years of experience in the gadget recycling industry to help consumers get the most cash for old gadgets, in the simplest way possible.

09/26/2011 - CMM Direct Order Launched!

The team at CompareMyMobile became the first to take direct sales through the site and then feed them back to the recycling programs. CompareMyMobile is the only gadget recycling site to do this.

12/11/2011 - Independent Mystery Shopper Survey Conducted

In a bid to find out just what gadget trade in prices were being offered to consumers on the UK high street, CompareMyMobile commissioned an independent mystery shopper study. Interestingly, results revealed that consumers were only being offered around 80% of the value offered online – retailers and cell phone networks just weren’t paying out like alternative online recycling programs.

01/02/2012 - UK iOS & Android Gadget Trade in App Launched

With more and more consumers comparing gadget trade in prices on the go, CompareMyMobile launched an iOS and Android app in the Apple Store and Google Play market place. The team hoped this would make it even easer for people to compare cash for electronics.

11/30/2012 - Charity & Fundraising Initiative Launched!

CompareMyMobile launched charity recycling, environmental e-waste information and school fundraising sections on the website, to encourage people to recycle gadgets for good! These sections have turned into an information hub explaining just why it’s so important to recycle old electronics.

12/01/2012 - Customer Review Section Launched

The team at CompareMyMobile know that gadget recycling can seem daunting if you’ve never been through the process before – so they decided to launch consumer reviews of recycling programs on the site to encourage transparency and trust. This review section allows consumers to have their say, letting us and other consumers know if recycling programs aren’t providing a worthy service.

01/02/2013 - Poll on Phone Recycling Awareness

February 2013 saw CompareMyMobile launch a new poll asking UK consumers what they knew about data on their phones. Results showed that Brits were seriously lacking knowledge about the data held on cell phones, with many not realising they should wipe data from their device before trading it in.

06/16/2013 - CompareMyMobile Reaches £20 Million Milestone

Between the website, iOS and Android apps, this date saw CompareMyMobile announce that we’d saved customers over £20 million / $30.5 million by allowing them to compare trade in prices across the UK market.

10/29/2013 - MILESTONE: £50 Million Paid Out

In October 2013, CompareMyMobile announced that it had helped customers to earn over £50 million / $74.4 million through the site’s comparison services. This was a massive milestone for the website – over £50 million paid out to UK consumers.

17/04/2015 - Gadget Valuer Launches in the US

After years of investigating the market and really doing our research, the team behind CompareMyMobile decided to go global – launching Gadget Valuer for US consumers! Gadget Valuer aims to make electronics recycling easier than ever before for a global audience – showing the top electronics trade in prices from leading recycling programs around the world.