How to Get Water Out Of Your Phone

We’ve all done it – it’s so very easy to have your phone dropped in water. Whether you’ve dropped it in the washing up bowl, the bath tub, down the toilet (oops) or spilt your entire coffee over your phone, we all know the surge of panic that runs through you as soon as it happened.

So how do you know what to do if you drop your phone in water? Luckily for you, the experts at GadgetValuer have a few tried and tested techniques that you can easily do yourself. Take a look at our view on how to get water out of your phone in the most efficient way


Before you start…

When it comes to how to save a wet phone, you want to turn it off immediately. Now is not the time to panic – take your phone apart quickly if the back is removable, and dry it out as much as you can using cloth or tissue paper. Be wary of taking your phone apart if the back is non-removable, as you could be in danger of breaking your warranty agreement.

TOP TIP: If your phone is turned off when you dropped it in water, then DO NOT turn it on. You need to dry it out completely before you attempt to use it again.

When you’ve taken it apart, you need to put it in a cool, dry place for a while (do not shake the device!) to ensure that as much water as possible is drained from the device.

If you have a fan, it could well SEEM like a good idea to put your phone in front of the fan to blast the water out, but that’s actually not the case.

NEVER: Use a hair drier, fan or compressed air to blast out water – they are too powerful and are more likely to send water even deeper into the phone. Then your warranty is definitely good for nothing.

But what about the water you can’t see?

We know that water damage generally occurs in the worst place, where you can’t see or easily get to – which brings us to the follow techniques. Here’s how to get water out of your phone, after you’ve finished the initial drying process.

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Method 1: Put your wet phone in rice

Here’s the scenario: “Oh no! I dropped my phone in water.” *In rushes friend who says* “Put your phone in rice as quickly as possible – that’s what I read in an article once!”

Of course if they read it online then it must be true, right?

Well, you’re not wrong – but there could also be more effective ways of doing it. Keep reading to find out more.

Step 1: Complete the initial drying process, taking the phone apart if possible and drying with a cloth.

Step 2: After the initial drying process, you can start your next technique. While the phone is still apart, place the parts in a bowl of rice.

Step 3: Take the bowl and phone and place them in a dry, warm environment – for example, an airing cupboard or shelf.

Step 4: You will need to leave the bowl for at least 24 hours (up to 72 hours) to dry your wet phone out completely.

Step 5: Close your eyes, make a wish and try switching your device back on.

Instant rice vs. Dry rice

MYTH: Dry rice is the most effective way to dry out a phone.

This is actually quite an outdated theory – putting your phone in rice as a general rule is not as effective as other techniques BUT, if it’s all you have, it’s INSTANT rice which will be more beneficial.

Method 2: Put your wet phone in rolled oats

When your phone fell in water, you probably didn’t imagine you’d be putting it in oats to save the day! It does work though – and tests suggest that it is actually more effective than putting a wet phone in rice.

TOP TIP: You still need to make sure you dry the phone externally as much as possible before you put the handset in oats.


STEP 1: When the phone is as dry as possible externally, put it in a bowl of oats.

STEP 2: Leave for 24-72 hours to allow water extraction process to take place.

CHECK: You should check back on your oats during this time, to make sure they’re not too moist. Remember that any remaining moisture will simply result in the oats sticking to your phone like oatmeal, and they can be pretty hard to get off again. It works in the same way as rice though – simply drawing moisture out of the insiders of the device, without making matters any worse.

STEP 3: Try turning your phone on, and hoping for the best.

Method 3: Silica gel

Putting your device in silica gel when your phone dropped in water is one of the best things you can do.

Silica gel has incredible absorbency qualities which have proven to save wet phones on a number of occasions, depending on the extent of the damage in the first place. So when working out how to get water out of your phone, silica gel should definitely be at the top of your list.

STEP 1: Dry out your phone and parts as much as possible using a cloth or towel.

STEP 2: Place your device, in parts if possible, into a bowl of silica gel.

STEP 3: Leave your wet phone for at least 24 hours before you decide to turn it on again.

Obviously, the longer your phone was submerged in water, the longer it will need to be in the silica gel for better chances of survival – for optimal results you should leave it for 72 hours.

STEP 4: Remove from silica gel and trying the power button. If your phone doesn’t turn on at this point, there’s probably not a lot more you can do.

BEWARE: Silica gel is incredibly dangerous for children if consumed – so if you’re using it to save a wet phone then make sure you put it out of reach of any children in your home.

Method 4: Cat litter

If you don’t tend to have rice, oats or silica gel in the house, then you’ll still be OK – as long as you’re a cat owner that is!

Cat litter is great at absorbing as that’s the whole purpose of it in the first place – makes sense when you think about it.

STEP 1: Initial drying process (we can’t stress this enough!)

STEP 2: Get a fresh batch of cat litter, put it in a bowl and place the parts of your phone in it too.

STEP 3: Put it in your airing cupboard. Once again, a warm environment will aid the drying process most.

STEP 4: So your phone dropped in water, but this might not be the end – try taking it out of the litter now and switching it back on. Fingers crossed!

TOP TIP: Perhaps keep this one away from the cat – the cat thinking that your bowl is its new toilet is NOT going to help your situation.

Method 5: Get a wet phone bag kit

For those of you who already know you’re a little dozy, we would recommend getting a wet phone bag kit just in case.

These come in the form of the BHEESTIE bag or the Save a Phone bag amongst other brands, and are very quick, effective tools when you’ve dropped phone in water or other liquids.

STEP 1: Find wet phone bag kit, and read instructions (the experts made the kit, after all)

STEP 2: As with the other techniques, you should take the phone apart and attempt to dry them with a cloth first.

STEP 3: Put the parts inside the wet phone bag.

DID YOU KNOW: The feature you’ll find most useful while drying out your phone using a kit is the humidity indicator you can find on many bags – this indicates when it’s safe to remove your phone from the bag to try and use it.


The sad part? If your phone doesn’t turn on when the indicator tells you it’s OK – then your phone is not coming back to life. You may find that the damage to your phone is too severe, in which case it’s time to get a new phone altogether.

So what would we recommend?

When it comes to how to get water out of your phone, it seems that silica gel could be your most efficient option. Failing that, try cat litter or an official kit next – rolled oats could get a little messy, after all.

We’re not saying that rice doesn’t work at all, but it’s time that people knew that’s not the only option. When deciding what to do if your phone gets wet, you need to act as quickly as possible, so that minimal damage occurs. By choosing the most efficient option, you’re making the most of vital time and stand a better chance of saving your phone altogether.

Is your phone damaged for good?

You’re not the first person to say, “oh no, I dropped my phone in water!” In fact, that’s a phrase that the majority of US recycling companies are used to hearing on a daily basis.

If you’re not faced with a situation where you need to replace your phone altogether, you may still be able to sell your broken phone for cash towards an upgrade. Of course, you’ll be offered less money by telling recyclers your phone is in a ‘broken’ condition – but by being honest about the state of your phone you still can still make some cash.

Head over to our broken phones page to find out more about selling broken cell phones – good luck saving your wet phone in the mean time!

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