How the iPhone amplified Apple’s revenue in 8 years

It’s been 8 years since Apple first announced the iPhone and it took over the iPod as the company’s most valuable product. Ten iPhones later, with over 700 million iPhone units sold worldwide, the iPhone truly has revolutionized Apple as a company and catapulted its revenue. Here’s the iPhone’s journey so far.

How did the iPhone alter Apple’s revenue?

8 years ago, the iPod accounted for the majority of Apple’s sales revenue, but times have drastically changed. 2015 sees the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iTunes music services providing the majority of Apple’s cashflow.

Apple iPhone opening weekend sales

Opening weekend iPhone sales were at an all-time high following the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch – at 10 million units. This is a huge jump from the 700k units sold on the opening weekend of the 1st gen iPhone in 2007.

Apple’s stock 12 months after new product announcements

Investors have done well making money out of Apple’s success too. Buying Apple stock prior to a product release has proven to be a good idea – after the iPhone launch Apple’s stock price almost doubled within a year.

Spikes in trade-in search interest surrounding releases

Apple’s reputation precedes them, which is why there’s always a lot of excitement around a new iPhone model. A study of worldwide Google searches show the most intrigue about the iPhone 5 back in 2012.

Global Apple iPhone sales from 2007 to 2014

Within just 8 years, Apple has gone from selling 1.39 million iPhone units to a whopping 169.22 million units. In fact, following the popularity of the initial iPhone, sales soared by 726% from 2007- 2008 alone.

New iPhones make people think theirs is slow

Ever felt your iPhone start to slow down just as the newest version hits the shelves? You’re not alone – a study shows that the search term “iPhone slow” has peaked six times in the last seven years on Google – each time after a new iPhone launch.

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